KRVA Championships! 16s 1st in Gold

16s- KRVA 3

KRVA Championships! 18s- 2nd in Gold

18s- KRVA

16s- 1st in Gold Edinboro

16s edinboro

18s- 2nd in Gold- Irish Rumble

18s- spooky nook

15s- First in Bronze Spikefest



16s- 1st in Gold Columbus OH- Presidents Day Cup

Displaying IMG_4951.PNGDisplaying IMG_4951.PNG16s- Columbus

Coach Amanda O’Connor and Coach Shannon Locke (sisters)


Time for a selfie for the 18s

18s selfie

Pitt United 2016



15s at cal edited


16s at cal slider


17s Presidents Day Cup Gold Bracket CHAMPIONS!!!  

Greater Columbus Convention Center!

17s 2-15-15


Pitt United 14s

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