Practices for the 2022 season will be held at:

  • St. John’s Lutheran Church of Highland
  • St. Paul’s United Methodist Church
  • Class Academy 

The current plan is to use the churches during the week and Class Academy for the Saturday and Sunday practices.  This decision was made to ensure that if something were to happen with the churches needing to shut their doors on us (which they had to do last year with COVID-19) we will remain in good standing and good graces with the facility that was there to assist us in our time of need last season.  Should there be an issue with the churches needing to close and not able to rent to us, we will have a backup plan and a facility to train at as we will make every effort and attempt to push forward with our 2022 season.  We appreciate your understanding and support on this decision!

Please Register Today Under the “Tryouts” tab above

Tryout Location:
Greentree Sportsplex600 Iron City Drive Pittsburgh, PA 15205
13s and 14s – Saturday, October 23rd from 9am-12:00pm
15s and 17s- Saturday, November 13th from 9am-12:00pm
16s and 18s- Sunday, November 14th from 3:00pm-6:00pm

*18s will only be accepting registrations for: Setters, D/Specs and Outside Hitters Only*

We ask that all players arrive 15-30min prior to the start of tryouts to check in and get their tryout t-shirt and number.  There will be a brief parent meeting at the start of each tryout session to provide parents with an overview for the upcoming season.  Parents should plan on attending this parent meeting for important information regarding the season.

There is no denying that these past few months have been challenging and we will continue to work through various COVID-19 issues as they arise!

This post is to notify you that the churches we have used the last 9 years in the McCandless Area for practice have recently told us that they are not able to guarantee we would be able to use their facilities for our upcoming season.   

I have worked tirelessly and have finally been able to secure a venue for practices for the 2021 season in Baden, PA near Ambridge/Sewickley.  This is not the typical location of where we practiced in the past, however we are in unprecedented times and constantly facing challenges due to COVID-19.  Unless we are able to secure another location- this will be our home for the upcoming season.  

TRYOUTS REGISTRATION IS OFFICIALLY OPEN! Please find the required pre-registration tryout information on the “Tryout tab” above and complete the requirements to be eligible for Pitt United’s tryout for the 2021 season!

Congratulations to our 4 Pitt United teams who participated in the Presidents Day Cup in Columbus, Ohio this past weekend!

15s – 7-1 (14-3 set total)taking 2nd place out of 23 teams

16s- 4-2 (10-4 set total) taking 5th out of 24

17s- 6-1 (13-3 set total) Taking 2nd out of 16 teams

18s 2-4 (5-9 set total) placing 13th out of 24

Pitt United Will once again host two tournaments this season. Please be aware of your mandatory work assignment.

The following are the work shifts for the teams:Saturday- March 7th

14s – PLAYING18s- am shift – 7:30-12:00pm 

16s- pm shift 12:00pm-4:30pm

15s- Crossover Shift- 2:30-7:00 – S. Kelly, L. Morlino, T. Hollern, B. Pelloni, D. O’Connor

Sunday- March 8th

16s PLAYING17s- am shift- 7:30-12:00pm

14s- pm shift- 12:00pm-4:00pm

15s- Crossover Shift- 2:30-7:00 – K. Laffin, A. Rosatone, P. Shema, A. Plunkard, K. Karwoski

All members are requested to make a donation of foods towards concessions. Please sign up ASAP for an item you’d like to contribute to our great events!

This years Spirit Wear is available for purchase! Please get order forms and money into Coach Amanda by Saturday, January 25th!

Our annual Pitt United Hoagie fundraiser is officially open! Please go to the “fundraising” tab and download – print your forms. Page 4 is due to Coach Amanda on or before January 14th 2020 with full payment. One check and cash should be submitted with the hoagie order!

Hoagies will be available for pick up and MUST be picked up on Thursday, January 23rd at St. Paul’s Church!

The annual parent meeting and meet the players and team night has been officially booked for Sunday, November 24th at 7:00pm. Meeting will take place at Old Union Church. Following the meeting we will have a small Pitt United clothing sale. Bring Cash! T-shirts as low as $3!!!

Please be prompt on your arrival so we can get started on time!

Old Union Church -> 200 Union Church Rd. Mars, PA 16046

Players interested in trying out for the 2020 season should pre register for tryouts to ensure they are accepted! All tryouts will be held the Greentree Sportsplex; 600 Iron City Drive Pittsburgh, PA 15205.

The following dates and times for this years tryouts are listed below:

13s and 14s- Saturday, October 26th 5-8pm

15s – 17s- Saturday, November 9th 5-8pm

18s Setters and Outside Hitters- Saturday, November 9th 5-8pm