Pitt United hosted Tournament’s

Pitt United Will once again host two tournaments this season. Please be aware of your mandatory work assignment.

The following are the work shifts for the teams:Saturday- March 7th

14s – PLAYING18s- am shift – 7:30-12:00pm 

16s- pm shift 12:00pm-4:30pm

15s- Crossover Shift- 2:30-7:00 – S. Kelly, L. Morlino, T. Hollern, B. Pelloni, D. O’Connor

Sunday- March 8th

16s PLAYING17s- am shift- 7:30-12:00pm

14s- pm shift- 12:00pm-4:00pm

15s- Crossover Shift- 2:30-7:00 – K. Laffin, A. Rosatone, P. Shema, A. Plunkard, K. Karwoski

All members are requested to make a donation of foods towards concessions. Please sign up ASAP for an item you’d like to contribute to our great events!


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