Take a look below for parent and player comments from previous seasons…

“Pitt United is it for us. We don’t try out for any others.”

“My daughter really enjoyed her experience with Pitt United. She loved her team and her coach! Thank you for all you do for the girls! Both the parents and girls appreciate it.” Tammy & Lexi Snyder

“We are so lucky to have been a part of this amazing club. Sometimes volleyball clubs are so big and so overwhelming. It’s difficult to try out for larger clubs because it’s so overwhelming. We consider Pitt United such a blessing for our daughter. Her team and the coaches were like a family. They came together and supported one another the entire season. That only happens when you have amazing coaches and administrators. This club was so great for my daughters self esteem. I’m so grateful. Thank you.”

“Pitt United was a club experience like no other. The club director and coaches genuinely care about the development of each and every player. My whole family is excited for next season!”

“We appreciated the team spirit and feeling of family with Pitt United.”

“Katie had a great experience at Pitt United. She made life long friends and really refined her volleyball skills. We have been fortunate enough to have some really good coaches. This past year Haley really helped with Katie’s serves. Katie always served well but Haley made those serves much better.”

“This was our daughters first club experience and they absolutely fell in love with it! They were proud to say “I play for Pitt United”. Fantastic coaching and communication.”

“Hi Amanda! Rachel has played for your club since 8th grade! I am very happy with all of your coaches. I would not be surprised if someday Rachel comes to you for a coaching job herself 😊 her last year is coming up and she really wants a a competitive team that wants to win. We will do our best to promote your club and send girls to tryouts . Thank you again.” Chrissy Summers

“The girls have grown so much this season in their confidence and ability with volleyball. I love the fact that this is a smaller club that allows for more individual coaching. Thank you for what you did this year under the circumstances of it not being so normal.” Amanda Galloway

“Pitt United was such a great experience this season, even with the COVID restrictions. Bella loved her coaches and teammates, and I loved watching her love of the sport grow. I’m so thankful for all of your hard work to make this season happen!” Bonnie DeLuca

“Pitt United Volleyball Club has been a wonderful experience! The girls practice and play in a supportive, encouraging environment that challenges them to be their best!”

“My daughter has been on a few club teams. It’s always easy to stay with the status quo so this was a big step for her to take. Wow what a great decision she made to come to Pitt United. From start to finish she had the best club season. Only sorry we didn’t try out sooner.”

“My daughter loved playing for Pitt United. Thank you for everything that you and coached did to make the girls love the game even more especially during the crazy COVID year.”

“This was our first year with Pitt United. My niece played with the club in the past and told us to check it out. We were thrilled to be given the opportunity and having such a wonderful coach allowed Brooke to learn so much and become a better player. There was definitely growth from the beginning of the season to the end and we truly hope to be a part of it all again next season. Thank you Coach Natalie.” Jennifer Callahan

“For us this has been the best club experience! Truly a UNITED club.”

“Pitt United is the most well rounded club experience in the area. It truly is a family and the girls benefit from the loyalty that surrounds them year after year. It is a top notch club!”

“My daughter loves playing volleyball for Pitt United because it is a tight nit group of girls. She has made great friends in this club.”

“We have had two seasons with Pitt United and have loved them. The girls are great as are the parents. The whole experience is so well organized so nothing is left for the parent to worry about, just book and show up.” D. Fisher

“Club season was a great opportunity for our daughter to improve her skillset on the court, become a more diversified player and mote valuable as well as form new friendships.”

“Great coaching staff!! Communication top notch!”

“Fantastic experience”

“My daughter had a wonderful experience. She loved her coach and teammates, and grew as a player. I didn’t think it was possible, but she loves volleyball even more because of Pitt United.”

“It was a great experience for my daughter. She showed great improvement throughout the season. She gained a ton of experience and great friendships along the way! Thank you! She can’t wait for next season.”

“PU has been such a positive experience for my daughter. She hasn’t always had the best experience on her school team, so being on a team where she is valued and relied on has been wonderful!”

“This was my daughter’s first experience with club volleyball. Overall we were very happy with everything. I think she developed more as a player and met some girls who she is now great friends with. We loved our coach. It would have been nice to win a few, but with a new, young team I guess we did ok.”

“Our girls truly enjoyed their time with Pitt United this season. They became close with both their teammates and coaches and benefited greatly from those relationships.”

“This is a fantastic club. The coaches are knowledgeable and they make it so fun for the girls.”

“My daughter had a great experience at Pitt United this season. The quality and frequency of the training, along with the positive support provided by coaches, teammates, and parents throughout the season was exceptional. She improved her game and always looked forward to going to volleyball.”

“Coaching and privates this season were amazing! We witnessed so much growth and improvement.”

“My daughter’s experience was excellent at Pitt United! From the caring and knowledgeable coaches, to the competitive and fun tournament everything was top notch! I also like how every girl is treated equally making it a true TEAM experience!”